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H2GLOBAL Founding Member

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Green Enesys is pleased to announce that is is one of the founding members of H2Global.

The H2Global program was created recently as part of the national hydrogen strategy of the government. It is designed as a market-based tool in which an intermediary will purchase green hydrogen and related products at the lowest price at auction, then resell them in Germany and Europe to the highest buyers. The intermediary will receive a subsidy from the BMWi to compensate for the expected price gap between green hydrogen and power-to-X products and fossil-based products, as currently the production cost for the former is significantly higher.

Next two Green Enesys the following companies are participating in the foundation: Siemens Energy Global GmbH, Thyssenkrupp AG, VNG Handel&Vertrieb GmbH, Deutsche Bank AG, Salzgitter AG, Uniper SE, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG, Neuman & Esser Verw. U. Beteil. mbH, F. Laeisz GmbH, Viridi RE GmbH, Enertrag AG, Nordex SE, Green Enesys GmbH, MAN Energy Solutions SE, Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies GmbH, Linde GmbH, AirProducts GmbH, Air Liquide S.A., Atmosfair gGmbH, FEV Europe GmbH, RAG Austria AG, Engie Deutschland GmbH, RWE AG.

About H2 Global

The goal of the H2Global Foundation is to support and advance climate and environmental protection. A key aspect of achieving this goal is testing an effective funding program for rapidly increasing the market and importing green hydrogen and power-to-X products (PtX). This funding mechanism allows for the sustainable operation of PtX plants, enabling the market expansion that is currently needed. H2Global is different from previous investment support programs, which mainly provided investment subsidies for the development and testing of PtX technologies. To efficiently promote the growth of a green hydrogen economy in a market-based context, H2Global uses a double auction model to determine the price. Both the lowest bid price and the highest selling price are awarded the contract, minimizing the price difference that needs to be compensated. By using different terms in the purchase and sales contracts, the intermediary can also benefit from potential price increases in the products sold, reducing the need for government subsidies and making it potentially more efficient than previous subsidy instruments. The purchase of green hydrogen and hydrogen-based PtX products includes delivery to Germany. Other criteria for awarding the purchase of green hydrogen and its derivatives include sustainability requirements set by the federal government and the maturity of the respective projects.

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