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Agri PV Technology

Ground-mounted PV designed for

agriculture needs.

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Offering farmers reduced electricity costs while improving crops & livestock conditions

Simultaneous use of agricultural land for yield production and PV power generation. The photovoltaic modules are installed between or above agricultural fields. In such a way that the land can still be cultivated with machinery or used for keeping livestock.

Modules serve as a shield against rain, sun, or frost. This innovative technology provides farmers with sustainable energy and helps them reduce water consumption, and provides shade and shelter for crops and animals.

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Studies show that Agri-PV can increase crop yields and improve animal health, making it a win-win for farmers, and the environment.

Key Benefits

Tailored for crop & animal

PV modules are installed for best-addressing crop or animal needs

Reduction of electricity cost

Farmers can produce their own electricity while improving conditions for their crops and livestock

Reduction of Fertilizers 

PV modules are used as canopies, enabling the reduction of watering and fertilizers needs

Hail, Rain & Sun Protection

The modules provide protection against hail, rain, and sun

Additional source of revenue

Installation reduces the energy bill. Any surplus generated renewable electricity can be sold

Benefits for farmers

Tailor-Made to best fit needs of different kinds of crops & animals


Apple, Orchards, Berries, Grapevines, Vegetables, Pastors and hayfields, Greenhouse, Plastics Tunnel, etc.


Cow, poultry, sheep, pigs, goats etc.

Example Project

The solar modules for electricity generation are installed on a cultivated area of about 0.5 ha directly above apple trees.


250 KWp


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Solar PV & Battery Storage

Customizing energy technologies to provide tailor-made integrated solutions.

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