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Thermal Energy Storage

A revolutionary modular and scalable renewable energy solution for industrial and commercial sectors

A game changer for diverse sectors & industries

The core of our solution is the bGen™ technology based on crushed rocks which can be heated by charging them with electricity from renewable energy sources or the grid and/or by flue gases. The thermal energy can later be deployed as industrial steam, hot water, or heated air.


Our Thermal Storage helps to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. Storing excess energy enables our consumers to better manage their energy consumption according to demand, make efficient use of available renewable energy sources and thereby reduce their carbon footprint, as well as their energy costs.

Heavy Industry

Real Estate

District Heating



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Helps to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs

Key Benefits

Modular & scalable

Tailored for industries and large power plant

From industrial to large scale power plants


Connects different energy sources (e.g. solar, wind, grid, flue gasses, steam etc.)

Low maintenance

30+ years with no performance degradation. Little to low maintenance.


Environmentally friendly materials


Unlimited cycles with minimal daily losses

Decoupling generation from demand


Example Project

Green Enesys has implemented this solution across Europe and elsewhere.


23 MWh TES - Cogeneration and Combined Cycle

Charged with excess steam at hours with low electricity prices and delivers steam at hours with high electricitity prices. 

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1 MWh TES - Real Estate/Industries

Charged with flue gases from a gas turbine (GT 200kW) and delivers hot water on demand.  

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Battery Storage

Battery Storage Systems enable us to store excessive or unused energy, and then supplied it to the grid or to customers when it's needed

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