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Customizing energy technologies to provide tailor-made integrated solutions.


Energy Generation

PV & Biomass

Energy Storage 

Battery & Thermal Energy Storage

We are at the center of a global energy transition that reshapes our world.

To succeed in reaching zero net goals, we need integrated solutions tailored-made for different commercial industries worldwide.

Green Hydrogen


Commoditizing Green Hydrogen

Green Enesys is integrating its proven technologies in a new way to deliver Green Methanol - scalable and transportable - therefore suitable for commoditization.


Battery Energy


Crucial technology in supplying green energy and meeting electricity demand

One of the challenges to the widespread adoption of renewable energy is the reliable supply of green energy, when the customers need it. 

Game Changer for Diverse Sectors and Industries

Thermal storage enables the combining various sources of energy (PV, waste-to-power, waste gases, etc.) and deliver a constant and reliable green energy supply.

Thermal Storage.png
battery storage.png

Worldwide development of a large-scale PV project

PV solar installations provide a solution for both on and off-grid applications relying on the abundant source of solar energy.

Agri PV


A ground-mounted PV systems tailor-made for best addressing Farmers' need

Green Enesys Agri-PV systems enable farmers to use their land for producing green energy while better nurturing their yield and animals.

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