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Carbon-free  fuel
for long distances

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Fueling the global world  sustainably 

Decarbonization of our economies requires the invention of new, carbon-free fuel designed for heavy transport, such as marine, aviation, trucks, and rail transport.

With our partner Viridi RE, we develop H2-based Methanol fuel designed for long distances. Cost-effective liquid fuel that is good to go with no needed changes to the existing infrastructure.

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Traversing long distances brought humanity to where it is. Created our global world. Now, we need carbon-free fuel to keep it running.


Methanol fuel for decarbonizing heavy transport. 

Commoditized & transportable carbon-free fuel

Our E-methanol can be used directly in industries and shipping, its derivatives synthetic gasoline and SAF (sustainable aviation fuel) provide solutions for road, rail, marine, and air transport.

Our first e-methanol production facility in Spain

Our facility in Cádiz is the first project in the development of a pipeline of projects, each with a production between 30.000 to 50.000 tons/year of green methanol.

Our approach includes an off-grid production - completely fueled by green energy sources.

Renewable electricity will be generated at a hybrid renewable plant, combining a solar PV plant of 139 MWp and a wind farm with an installed capacity of 60 MWp.

5.600 t of green hydrogen per year will be produced by using a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzer with a capacity of 70 MW.

The green hydrogen will be converted to ca. 30.000 t of e-methanol/year.

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5.800 tn H2 / year

Wind Farm

60 MV


The green hydrogen will be converted into 30.000 tn/year of green e-methanol

PV plant

139 MWp

No grid connection

power is generated exclusively from renewables, no impact on the national grid

Biogenic CO2 captured from a biomass power plant (liquified and transported)



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