Solar Power Plant Zühlsdorf

Zühlsdorf Power Plant is installed on a rooftop in Zühlsdorf, Brandenburg.

The facility has a capacity of 199.5 kWp and an electricity output of 186 TkWh/year. The construction took just 3 weeks. Grid connection was made on June 30th, 2010. The facility consists of 2,574 PV modules manufactured by First Solar (FS-277) and inverters manufactured by Kaco and Voltwerk.


Location 16515 Zühlsdorf, Brandenburg
Investor & Operator Green Enesys BBI UG
Development & Installation Annex Immobilien Development GmbH
Purchaser E.ON edis Netz GmbH
System type On-Roof System
Kind of Building Ställe
Capacity 199.5 kWp
Electricity output per year ca. 186 TkWh/year
Reduction of CO2 per year ca.166 t/year
Solar modules First Solar FS-277; 2,574 units
Inverter Voltwerk/Kaco
Cable 3,000 m DC
200 m AC
Construction time 3 weeks
Grid connection 30 June 2010