Solar Power Plant Storkow

Green Energy Systems Storkow GmbH has completed just in six weeks the construction of the solar plant in Storkow, Brandenburg with a capacity of 868 kWp. The putting into service was on the 24th of July 2009.

On roof area of Geflügelmastanlage of 19,500 m² were installed 11,574 thin-film modules. This area is comparable with ca. 3 football pitches. The modules are from First Solar, which is the world market leader for thin-film modules.

The photovoltaic system produces ca. 845,000 kilowatt-hours per year, which provide electricity for approx. 200 four-person families the whole year. The produced amount of electricity corresponds to an estimated reduction of CO2  emissions of about 750 tonnes.


Location 15859 Storkow, Brandenburg
Investor & Operator Green Energy Systems Storkow GmbH
Development & Installation Eleven Solar GmbH, Berlin
Renter Storkower Geflügelmast GmbH
Purchaser E.ON edis Netz GmbH
System type On-Roof System
Kind of Building Stables
Capacity 868 kWp
Electricity output per year ca. 845 TkWh/year
Reduction of CO2 per year ca.750 t/year
Solar modules First Solar FS 275, 11,574 units
Inverter SMA SMC 10000TL-10 45 units
SMA SMC 9000TL, 4 units
SMA SMC 8000TL, 42 units
SMA SMC 6000TL, 5 units
Cable 12,000 m DC
7,500 m AC
Construction time June – July 2009
Grid connection 24 July 2009