Solar Power Plant San Pietro di Morubio

The construction of the power plant has been completed with the technical execution of Würth Solar and BEL Energy as the development and realization partner. Connection to Enel’s medium-voltage grid is expected to be achieved by March 2011. The total surface area of each project is about 27,000 m². The PV plant design is based on the poly crystalline module type Yingli Solar YL235P 29b with 235 W and 220 W peak power per module. In order to achieve best energy efficiency, inverters from Emerson Control Techniques GmbH will be used.

The photovoltaic system will produce 1.14 million kilowatt hours per year and expects to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 1,100 tons per year.


Location Veneto Region - Italy
Investor & Operator Green Enesys Group GmbH
Development & Installation Würth Solar AG
Purchaser Enel
System type Land System
Capacity 997.92 kWp
Electricity output per year ca. 1.14 TkWh/year
Reduction of CO2 per year ca. 1,100 t/year
Solar modules Yingli Solar
Inverter Emerson
Construction time 6 weeks